Экскурсии и туры в Санкт-Петербург от турфирмы ТВ-ЛУР. Бронирование проживания. Прием групп и индивидуалов в Санкт-Петербурге.
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About us

Dear Sirs,
The "TV-LUR" Travel Company has been operating since 1992. Unlike most travel agencies we do not offer a schedule of package tours with a fixed excursion program. Our tourists arrive in Saint-Petersburg any time, for any length of stay they prefer. Excursion program can be custom-made and the number of tourists in the group can vary. Most often, family and student groups enjoy this "freedom of choice".
Annotation of a standard 5-day program
During the city tour tourists get acquainted with the main sights of the city center.
They see Nevsky Prospect, the Neva River embankments, Palace Square, Senate Square and Isaac Square. They will walk on the Spit of Vassilyevsky Island, visit the Aurora cruiser or one of functioning churches. The tour will visually demonstrate how the idea of the city founder, Peter I, was achieved - the idea of creating a city perfect in its design, a city of European type in Russia.
When visiting the St.Peter and Paul Cathedral, tourists will see its splendid interior and the burial places of Russian Emperors and members of their families.
The excursion to the St.Isaac Cathedral will strike anyone with the grandeur of its interior and exterior and the history of its construction.
The Hermitage Museum, founded by the Empress Catherine the Great, who acquired the first and the most precious part of the collection, now occupies several museum buildings. Art of all periods of human history is represented there, and the most interesting artistic trends in painting, sculpture and applied arts likewise. The interior of all the Hermitage buildings, which were put up in different times, is a kind of encyclopedia of different architectural styles.
Foreign visitors are surprised to see much likeness between Saint-Petersburg and Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Budapest, Helsinki, Berlin…virtually any European capital. They appreciate the tactfulness of architectural allusions in Saint-Petersburg sights, their subordination to the main idea - the idea of classical architectural ensemble, where the hinge was the vast span of the Neva River and its stately flow.
The necklace of the former summer residences of Russian Emperors around Saint-Petersburg especially attracts tourists' attention. They are the Royal palaces in the town of Pushkin, Peterhof, Pavlovsk. Tourists will always remember their splendid views against the background of tremendous in size and elegant in design parks, where the mutual influence of European and Russian cultures is so visible.
We are sending here price-lists for student groups and individual tourists.
We would be happy to know your opinion and hope on our future co-operation.

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